• Superdots


    The latest marking for high visibility.
    SuperDots are a profiled thermoplastic with high retroflection – great for city streets, rainy nights, and poorly lit areas.

  • Survey and Layout

    Survey and Layout

    The key to successful road marking is the layout (or pre-making) of the lines.

  • Painted Markings

    Painted Markings

    For decades, painted road markings have been the industry standard.

  • Thermoplastic Markings

    Thermoplastic Markings

    Thermoplastic is a hydrocarbon-based product that increases durability and longevity of road markings.

  • Detour Markings

    Detour Markings

    We work directly with contractors planning their detours to avoid problems.

  • Skid-Resistant Markings

    Skid-Resistant Markings

    Our skid-resistant material is a methyl-methacrylate (MMA) paint that hardens much like an epoxy.

  • Parking Lots

    Parking Lots

    Our crews can do the maintenance painting of stratas, churches, and malls.

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