Dustin Timms – Foreman

Dustin has been a crew foreman since 2012. He is in his 5th season and continues to bring his best to the position.

Patrick Keough – Foreman

Long-time employee Patrick is foreman for the Parking Lot division. He will continue the tradition of quality work in the area Scottish Line Painting started in.

David Henriques – Foreman

David has been with Scottish Line Painting since August of 2012. A foreman since 2014, Dave strives for excellence from his crew and himself.

Chris Clements – Safety Coordinator/Traffic Planner

Chris gained extensive field experience working on the centerline and thermoplastic crews for four seasons. He is now Safety Coordinator and Traffic Management Planner.

Derrick King – Foreman

Derrick comes to Scottish Line Painting from Alberta, and brings with him extensive experience from the oil and gas, road building, and mining industries. Derrick will be bringing that experience to Scottish Line as the new Centreline foreman.

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