The key to our success is quality workmanship done safely. Whether we are painting parking lots, applying thermoplastic, or installing SuperDots; we have the expertise to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Our reputation has made us the go-to-company for many infrastructure projects across the Lower Mainland.

  • Superdots


    SUPERDOTS The latest marking for high visibility on rainy nights SuperDots are a profiled thermoplastic whose shape allows water to drain away from the marking, keeping it visible in wet conditions. Also, due to the shape and vertical walls, SuperDots have high retroreflection on city streets, poorly illuminated areas, and at night. In the Lower
  • Painted Markings

    Painted Markings

    For decades, painted road markings have been the industry standard.

  • Thermoplastic Markings

    Thermoplastic Markings

    Thermoplastic is a hydrocarbon-based product that increases durability and longevity of road markings.

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